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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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When you are in close proximity to the vehi‐
cle, all functions of the display key are availa‐
The status information can be called up in the
extended reception range.
With parked-car heating: the parked-car heat‐
ing can be operated.
Without parked-car heating: the parked-car
ventilation can be operated.
Outside of the reception range of the vehicle,
you can display the last transmitted status in‐
formation from the vehicle.
The symbol is shown on the display if one of
the buttons is pressed outside of the reception
General information
The display is divided into the upper status line,
the information area, and the lower status line.
Upper status line
The upper status line displays the following infor‐
Vehicle secured.
Vehicle not secured.
Set time in the vehicle.
Charge state of the display key battery.
Information area
The information area can be used to access in‐
formation and perform additional functions.
If the information area contains more than one
page, then page indicators are shown beneath
the information.
The indicator for the current page has
been filled in.
Swipe to the right or left with a finger to change
between the pages.
If further information is available on a page, tap
the appropriate symbol.
To return to the original page: tap on the
symbol beneath the display.
Lower status line
The lower status line indicates whether or not
the display key is within reception range, refer to
page 81.
"Connected": the display key is within recep‐
tion range.
"Updated": the display key is not within re‐
ception range. It indicates when the last data
transfer from the vehicle took place.
Switching on/off
The display will go out automatically after a brief
period to conserve battery power.
To hide the display manually:
Press the button on the left side of the display
key. Overview, refer to page 81.
To show the display:
Press the button on the left side of the dis‐
play key.
2. Then, swipe with your finger from bottom to
top to unlock the screen lock.
To switch off the display to increase the usable
battery life:
If necessary, cancel the screen lock.
2. Press and hold the button on the left side of
the display key for longer than 4 seconds.
3. "OK"
To switch the display on:
Press the button on the left side of the display
Operating concept
The following information shows how to access
the information and functions using the main
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Opening and closing
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