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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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unlocked. Adjusting the settings, refer to
page 94.
Safety information
Body parts can be jammed when operating the
tailgate. There is a risk of injury. Make sure that
the area of movement of the tailgate is clear
during opening and closing.
The tailgate pivots out when it opens. There is
a risk of injury or risk of damage to property.
Make sure that the area of movement of the
tailgate is clear during opening and closing.
Sharp-edged or pointed objects can hit the
windows and heat conductors while driving.
There is a risk of damage to property. Cover
the edges and ensure that pointed objects do
not hit the windows.
General information
When the trailer socket is in use, the tailgate can‐
not be opened with the remote control or with
the button in the car's interior.
Adjusting the opening height
You can set how far the tailgate should open.
When adjusting the opening height, ensure that
there is a clearance of at least 4 in/10 cm above
the tailgate.
Via iDrive:
1. "My Vehicle"
2. "Vehicle settings"
3. "Doors/Key"
4. "Tailgate"
5. Monitor the tailgate and set the desired
opening height.
From the outside
Without Comfort Access: unlock vehicle.
With Comfort Access: unlock the vehicle or
have the remote control with you.
Press the button on tailgate's exterior.
Press the button on the remote con‐
trol for approx. 1 second.
Depending on the setting, the doors may also be
unlocked. Opening with the remote control, refer
to page 78.
If the vehicle is stationary, the tailgate opens au‐
tomatically to the adjusted opening height.
From the inside
With Steptronic transmission:
Press the button in the driver's door
If the vehicle is locked, selector lever position P
must be engaged first.
With manual transmission:
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Opening and closing
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