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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Safety information
With manual operation of a blocked tailgate, it
can release itself unexpectedly from the block‐
age. There is a risk of injury or risk of damage
to property. Do not operate the tailgate man‐
ually if it is blocked. Have it checked by a deal‐
er’s service center or another qualified service
center or repair shop.
Manual operation
Operate the unlocked tailgate manually with a
slow and smooth motion.
To close the tailgate fully, press down lightly
only. Closing occurs automatically.
Driver profile
In the driver profiles, individual settings for sev‐
eral drivers can be stored and called up again
when required.
General information
There are three driver profiles with which per‐
sonal vehicle settings can be stored. Every re‐
mote control has one of these driver profiles as‐
If the vehicle is unlocked using a remote control,
the assigned personal driver profile will be acti‐
vated. All settings stored in the driver profile are
automatically applied.
If several drivers use their own remote control,
the vehicle will adjust the personal settings dur‐
ing unlocking. These settings are also restored, if
the vehicle has been used in the meantime by a
person with a different remote control.
Changes to the settings are automatically stored
in the driver profile currently activated.
If another driver profile is selected via iDrive, the
settings stored in it will be applied automatically.
The new driver profile is assigned to the remote
control currently used.
There is an additional guest profile available that
is not assigned to any remote control. It can be
used to apply settings in the vehicle without
changing the personal driver profiles.
Functional requirements
For the system to be able to identify the driver
profile associated to a particular driver, the de‐
tected remote control must be clearly allocated
to the driver.
This is the case when:
The driver is only carrying his or her own re‐
mote control.
The driver unlocks the vehicle.
The driver gets into the vehicle through the
driver's door.
Active driver profile
After switching on the Control Display, the name
of the active driver profile is displayed.
Select driver profile, refer to page 93.
As soon as the engine is started or any key is
pressed, the last selected display is shown on
the Control Display.
To exit the welcome screen via iDrive:
The settings for the following systems and func‐
tions are stored in the active driver profile. The
scope of storable settings depends on country
and equipment.
Unlocking and locking.
Climate control.
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Opening and closing
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