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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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The window closes with limited jam protec‐
tion. If the closing force exceeds a specific
threshold, closing is interrupted.
Pull the switch past the resistance point
again within approx. 4 seconds and hold it
The window closes without jam protection.
Safety switch
The safety switch in the driver's door can be
used to prevent children, for instance from open‐
ing and closing the rear windows using the
switches in the rear.
If an accident of a certain severity occurs, the
safety function is switched off automatically.
Switching on/off
Press the button.
The LED lights up if the safety function
is switched on.
Roller sunblinds, rear side
With closed roller sunblinds and open windows,
the roller sunblinds may be strained while driv‐
ing due to the wind. The roller sunblinds may
be damaged and vehicle occupants may be
harmed. There is a risk of injury. Do not open
the windows while driving if the roller sunblinds
are closed.
Pull out the roller sunblind at the strap and hook
it onto the bracket.
Glass sunroof
General information
The glass sunroof and the sun protection are op‐
erated using the same switch.
Safety information
Body parts can be jammed when operating the
glass sunroof. There is a risk of injury. Make
sure that the area of movement of the glass
sunroof is clear during opening and closing.
Opening/closing the glass sun‐
Functional requirements
The glass sunroof and the sun protection can be
operated under the following conditions.
Standby state is established.
Drive-ready state is established.
The remote control is in the car's interior.
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Opening and closing
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