2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #103

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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1. Fold down the rear seat backrest, refer to
page 262, in question.
2. Raise the head restraint up against the resist‐
3. Press the button, arrow 1, and pull the head
restraint out completely.
Proceed in the reverse order to install the head
After the installation, make sure that the head re‐
straint engages correctly.
Exterior mirrors
General information
The mirror on the front passenger side is more
curved than the driver's side mirror.
The mirror setting is stored for the driver profile
currently in use. When the vehicle is unlocked via
the vehicle key, the position is automatically re‐
trieved if the function, refer to page 89, is acti‐
vated for this purpose.
The current exterior mirror position can be stored
using the memory function, refer to page 105.
Safety information
Objects reflected in the mirror are closer than
they appear. The distance to the traffic behind
could be incorrectly estimated, for instance
while changing lanes. There is a risk of acci‐
dent. Estimate the distance to the traffic behind
by looking over your shoulder.
1 Adjusting
2 Selecting a mirror, Automatic Curb Monitor
3 Folding in and out
Adjusting electrically
Press the button.
The selected mirror moves along with the
button movement.
Selecting a mirror
To change over to the other mirror:
Slide the switch.
In case of an electrical malfunction, adjust the
mirror by pressing the edges of the mirror glass.
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Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel
Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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