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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Entered navigation destinations.
Data on the use of Internet services.
This data can be stored locally in the vehicle or is
found on a device that has been connected to
the vehicle, e.g., a smartphone, USB stick or
MP3 player. If this data is stored in the vehicle, it
can be deleted at any time.
This data is only transmitted to third parties upon
personal request as part of the use of online
services. The transmission depends on the se‐
lected settings for the use of the services.
Incorporation of mobile devices
Depending on the vehicle equipment, mobile de‐
vices connected to the vehicle, for instance
smartphones, can be controlled via the vehicle
control elements.
The sound and picture from the mobile device
can be played back and displayed through the
multimedia system. Certain information is trans‐
ferred to the mobile device at the same time. De‐
pending on the type of incorporation, this in‐
cludes, for instance position data and other
general vehicle information. This optimizes the
way in which selected apps, for instance naviga‐
tion or music playback, work.
There is no further interaction between the mo‐
bile device and the vehicle, such as active access
to vehicle data.
How the data will be processed further is deter‐
mined by the provider of the particular app being
used. The extent of the possible settings de‐
pends on the respective app and the operating
system of the mobile device.
General information
If the vehicle has a wireless network connection,
this enables data to be exchanged between the
vehicle and other systems. The wireless network
connection is realized via an in-vehicle transmit‐
ter and receiver unit or via personal mobile devi‐
ces brought into the vehicle, for instance smart‐
phones. This wireless network connection
enables 'online functions' to be used. These in‐
clude online services and apps supplied by the
vehicle manufacturer or by other providers.
Services from the vehicle
Where online services from the vehicle manufac‐
turer are concerned, the corresponding functions
are described in the appropriate place, for in‐
stance the Owner's Manual or manufacturer's
website. The relevant legal information pertaining
to data protection may also be found on the
manufacturer’s website. Personal data may be
used to perform online services. Data is ex‐
changed over a secure connection, for instance
with the IT systems of the vehicle manufacturer
intended for this purpose.
Any collection, processing, and use of personal
data above and beyond that needed to provide
the services must always be based on a legal
permission, contractual arrangement or consent.
It is also possible to activate or deactivate the
data connection as a whole. That is, with the ex‐
ception of functions and services required by law
such as Assist systems.
Services from other providers
When using online services from other providers,
these services are the responsibility of the rele‐
vant provider and subject to their data privacy
conditions and terms of use. The vehicle manu‐
facturer has no influence on the content ex‐
changed during this process. Information on the
way in which personal data is collected and used
in relation to services from third parties, the
scope of such data, and its purpose, can be ob‐
tained from the relevant service provider.
Event Data Recorder EDR
This vehicle is equipped with an event data re‐
corder EDR. The main purpose of an EDR is to
record, in certain crash or near crash-like situa‐
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