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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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The selected gear is briefly displayed in the in‐
strument cluster, followed by the current gear.
Displays in the instrument
The selector lever position is dis‐
played, for example P.
Electronic unlocking of the
transmission lock
General information
Electronically unlock the transmission lock to
maneuver vehicle from a danger area.
Before unlocking the transmission lock, set the
parking brake to prevent the vehicle from rolling
Engage selector lever position N
Unlocking is possible, if the starter can spin the
Press and hold down brake pedal.
2. Press the Start/Stop button. The starter must
audibly start. Hold the Start/Stop button
3. With your free hand, press the button on the
selector lever, arrow 1, and press the selector
lever into selector lever position N and hold,
arrow N, until selector lever position N is dis‐
played in the instrument cluster.
A Check Control message is displayed.
4. Release Start/Stop button and selector lever.
5. Release brake, as soon as the starter stops.
6. Maneuver the vehicle from the danger area
and secure it against moving on its own.
For additional information, see the chapter on
tow-starting and towing, refer to page 341.
Launch Control
Launch Control enables optimum acceleration
on surfaces with good traction under dry sur‐
rounding conditions.
General information
The use of Launch Control causes premature
component wear since this function represents a
very heavy load for the vehicle.
Do not use Launch Control during the break-in,
refer to page 266, period.
Do not steer the steering wheel when driving off
with Launch Control.
Functional requirement
Launch Control is available when the engine is at
operating temperature. The engine is at operat‐
ing temperature after an uninterrupted trip of at
least 6 miles/10 km.
Start with launch control
Switch on drive-ready state.
Press the button.
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