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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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"REDUCED" all displays on the instru‐
ment cluster are reduced to the essential.
"INDIVIDUAL": all displays on the instru‐
ment cluster are active. Individual displays
can be individually selected.
Configuring INDIVIDUAL
"Driving mode display": when the driving
mode is switched into ECO PRO or SPORT,
the instrument cluster automatically switches
into the respective view.
"Speed limit exceeded": if the speed recog‐
nized by Speed Limit Info is exceeded, the
exceeded range is marked red in the speed‐
Instrument cluster without
enhanced features: selecting
displays in the instrument
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "iDrive settings"
3. "Displays"
4. "Instrument panel"
5. Select the desired setting:
With navigation system:
"Navigation": display the arrow view for
the navigation in the instrument cluster.
"Road signs": display Speed Limit Info.
Check Control
The Check Control system monitors functions in
the vehicle and notifies you of malfunctions in
the monitored systems.
General information
A Check Control message is displayed as a com‐
bination of indicator or warning lights and text
messages in the instrument cluster and, if appli‐
cable, in the Head-up Display.
In addition, an acoustic signal may sound and a
text message may appear on the Control Display.
Indicator/warning lights
Indicator/warning lights in the instrument cluster
display the status of some functions in the vehi‐
cle and indicate when a malfunction is present in
the monitored systems.
General information
The indicator/warning lights can light up in a vari‐
ety of combinations and colors.
Several of the lights are checked for proper func‐
tioning and light up temporarily when drive-ready
state is switched on.
Red lights
Safety belt reminder
Indicator light flashes or is illuminated:
safety belt on the driver or passenger
side is not buckled. The safety belt re‐
minder can also be activated if objects are placed
on the front passenger seat.
Make sure that the safety belts are positioned
Safety belt reminder for rear seats
The safety belt is not buckled on the cor‐
responding rear seat.
Airbag system
Airbag system and belt tensioner may
not be working.
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