2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #140

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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General information
Vehicle tilt position may cause the display to
Information on refueling, refer to page 282.
Instrument cluster without
enhanced features: display
An arrow beside the fuel pump
symbol shows which side of the
vehicle the fuel filler flap is on.
Indicator light in the instrument
The yellow indicator light illuminates,
once the fuel reserve is reached.
Always avoid engine speeds in the red warning
field. In this range, the fuel supply is reduced to
protect the engine.
Standby state and drive-
ready state
The letters OFF in the tachome‐
ter indicate that drive-ready state
is switched off and standby state
is switched on.
The letters READY in the tach‐
ometer indicate that the Auto
Start/Stop function is ready to
start the engine automatically.
For further information, see Idle state, standby
state, and drive-ready state, refer to page 35.
Engine temperature
Cold engine: the pointer is at
the low temperature end.
Drive at moderate engine and
vehicle speeds.
Normal operating tempera‐
ture: the pointer is in the mid‐
dle or in the lower half of the
temperature display.
Hot engine: the pointer is at the high end of
the temperature range. In addition, a Check
Control message is displayed.
To check the coolant level, refer to page 324.
Indicator light in the instrument
A red indicator light is displayed.
External temperature
General information
If the indicator drops to +37 ℉/+3 ℃ or lower, a
signal sounds.
A Check Control message is displayed.
There is an increased risk of ice on roads.
Safety information
Even at temperatures above +37 ℉/+3 ℃
there can be a risk of icy roads, for instance on
bridges or shady sections of the road. There is
a risk of accident. Modify your driving style to
the weather conditions at low temperatures.
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