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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Do not attach covers, cushions, ball mats or
other items to the front passenger seat un‐
less they are specifically determined to be
safe for use on the front passenger seat.
Do not place any electronic devices on the
front passenger seat if a child restraint sys‐
tem is to be installed on it.
Do not place objects under the seat that can
push against the seat from below.
No moisture in or on the seat.
Indicator light for the front-seat
passenger airbags
The indicator light for the front-seat passenger
airbag in the roofliner indicates the operating
state of the front-seat passenger airbag.
The light indicates whether the airbags are either
activated or deactivated.
After drive-ready state is switched on, the light
briefly lights up and then indicates whether the
airbags are either activated or deactivated.
The indicator light lights up
when a child is properly
seated in a child restraint sys‐
tem or when the seat is
empty. The airbags on the
front passenger side are not
The indicator light does not light up when, for
instance a correctly seated person of suffi‐
cient size is detected on the seat. The air‐
bags on the front passenger side are acti‐
Detected child restraint systems
The system generally detects children seated in
a child restraint system, particularly in child re‐
straint systems required by NHTSA at the point
in time when the vehicle was manufactured. Af‐
ter installing a child restraint system, make sure
that the indicator light for the front-seat passen‐
ger airbags lights up. This indicates that the child
restraint system has been detected and the
front-seat passenger airbags are not activated.
Strength of the driver's and
front-seat passenger airbag
The explosive power that activates driver's/front-
seat passenger airbags very much depends on
the positions of the driver's/front passenger seat.
To maintain the accuracy of this function over
the long term, calibrate the front seats as soon as
a respective message appears on the Control
Calibrating the front seats
There is a risk of jamming when moving the
seats. There is a risk of injury or risk of damage
to property. Make sure that the area of move‐
ment of the seat is clear prior to any adjust‐
A corresponding message appears on the Con‐
trol Display.
Press the switch and move the respective
seat all the way forward, until it stops.
2. Press the switch forward again. The seat still
moves forward slightly.
3. Readjust the seat to the desired position.
The calibration procedure is completed when the
message on the Control Display disappears.
If the message continues to be displayed, repeat
the calibration.
If the message does not disappear after a repeat
calibration, have the system checked as soon as
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