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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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If all Intelligent Safety systems were switched off,
all systems are now switched on.
"Configure INDIVIDUAL": depending on the
equipment version, the Intelligent Safety sys‐
tems can be individually configured. The individ‐
ual settings are activated and stored for the
driver profile currently used. As soon as a setting
is changed on the menu, all settings of the menu
are activated.
Press the button repeatedly. The follow‐
ing settings are switched between:
"ALL ON": all Intelligent Safety systems are
switched on. Basic settings are activated for the
sub-functions, for instance setting for warning
"INDIVIDUAL": the Intelligent Safety systems are
switched on according to the individual settings.
Some Intelligent Safety systems cannot be indi‐
vidually switched off.
Press and hold this button:
All Intelligent Safety systems are
switched off.
Front collision mitigation
The system may prevent some accidents. In the
event of an accident, the system may reduce im‐
pact speed.
The system sounds a warning before an immi‐
nent collision and activates brakes independ‐
ently, if needed.
General information
Depending on the equipment version, the sys‐
tem is controlled by the following sensors:
Camera in the area of the interior mirror.
Radar sensor in the front bumper.
Intersection collision warning when equipped
with a radar sensor: in addition, a warning is is‐
sued at intersections and junctions if a risk of col‐
lision with crossing traffic is detected.
The approach control warning is available even if
cruise control has been deactivated.
With the vehicle approaching another vehicle in‐
tentionally, the approach control warning and
braking are delayed in order to avoid false sys‐
tem reactions.
The system issues a two-phase warning of a
possible risk of collision with vehicles at speeds
above approx. 3 mph/5 km/h. The timing of warn‐
ings may vary with the current driving situation.
Detection range
Objects that the system can detect are taken
into account.
Intersection collision warning: the system is also
able to detect vehicles crossing your direction of
travel when these vehicles enter into the detec‐
tion range of the system.
Safety information
The system cannot serve as a substitute for the
driver’s personal judgment in assessing visibility
and traffic situation. There is a risk of accident.
Adjust driving style to traffic conditions. Watch
traffic closely and actively intervene where ap‐
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