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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Two static circle segments show the distance
between the trailer and the trailer hitch.
A docking line dependent on the steering angle
helps with aiming for the trailer with the trailer
When zooming in, remember that the view may
no longer show certain obstacles.
Setting brightness and contrast
via iDrive
With the rearview camera switched on:
Move the Controller to the left.
3. Set the desired value.
System limits
Deactivated camera
When the camera is deactivated, for instance
when the tailgate is open, the camera image is
displayed hatched in gray.
Detection of objects
Very low obstacles as well as high, protruding
objects such as ledges may not be detected by
the system.
Depending on the vehicle equipment, some as‐
sistance functions also consider data from the
PDC Park Distance Control.
Follow the notes in the PDC Park Distance Con‐
trol chapter.
The objects displayed on the Control Display
may be closer than they appear. Do not estimate
the distance from the objects on the display.
With Parking Assistant
Plus: Surround View
The system provides assistance in parking and
maneuvering. The area around the vehicle is
shown on the Control Display.
General information
Several cameras capture the area from different
selectable perspectives.
The following camera perspectives can be dis‐
Automatic camera perspective, refer to
page 215: the system shows the camera
perspective suitable for the respective driving
Rearview camera, refer to page 215: for rep‐
resenting the areas behind the vehicle.
Right-hand and left-hand side view, refer to
page 217: for representing the areas on the
sides of the vehicle.
Camera perspective movable via iDrive, refer
to page 215.
Panorama View, refer to page 218: to
present cross traffic, for instance at junctions
and driveways, depending on the currently
engaged gear.
Depending on the view, the vehicle's surround‐
ings or a part of it is depicted.
In addition, assistance functions, for instance
guidelines, can be faded into the display.
More than one assistance function can be active
at the same time.
Some assistance functions can be manually acti‐
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Driver assistance systems
Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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