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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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The camera perspective suitable for the respec‐
tive driving situation is displayed.
Switching on/off manually
Press the park assistance button.
On: the LED lights up.
Off: the LED goes out.
The rearview camera cannot be switched off if
the reverse gear is engaged.
Automatic deactivation during
forward travel
The system switches off when a certain driving
distance or speed is exceeded.
Switch the system back on, if needed.
Display on the Control Display
1 Function bar
2 Selection window
3 Side view
4 Automatic camera perspective
5 Movable camera perspective
6 Camera image
7 Rearview camera
Function bar
Assistance functions can be activated and set‐
tings can be entered via the function bar via
"Parking Assistant", refer to page 220.
"Brightness", refer to page 219.
"Contrast", refer to page 219.
"Parking aid lines", refer to page 216.
"Obstacle marking", refer to page 216.
"Trailer hitch - zoom", refer to page 217.
"Car wash", refer to page 217.
"Settings": apply settings, for instance to
use the activation points for Panorama View.
Selection window
The individual camera perspectives can be se‐
lected in the selection window via iDrive.
Side view
The side view can be selected for the right or left
vehicle side.
This view helps when positioning the vehicle at
the curb or with other obstacles on the side by
displaying the side surroundings.
The side view looks from rear to front and in case
of danger, focuses automatically on possible ob‐
Automatic camera perspective
The automatic camera perspective shows a
steering-dependent view in the respective driv‐
ing direction.
This perspective adapts to the respective driving
As soon as obstacles are detected, the view
changes to a fixed display of the area in front or
at the rear behind the bumper or, if necessary,
changes to a side view.
When reverse gear is engaged, the automatic
camera perspective is closed and the system
uses a fixed perspective of the rearview camera.
If necessary, manually select the automatic cam‐
era perspective when reverse gear is engaged.
The automatic camera perspective will be re‐
tained for the current parking maneuver.
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Driver assistance systems
Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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