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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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A camera malfunction is displayed on the Control
A yellow symbol is displayed and the re‐
cording range of the malfunctioning cam‐
era is displayed in black on the Control
With Parking Assistant
Plus: Remote 3D View
The BMW Connected app and the pictures of
the Surround View cameras in combination with
the corresponding equipment enable the display
of the vehicle’s surroundings on a mobile device.
The function displays a momentary view of the
Functional requirements
Data transmission must be activated, refer to
page 58.
BMW Connected App must be installed on
the mobile device.
Switching the function on/off
Via iDrive:
With the standby state switched on: "My
2. "iDrive settings"
3. "Data privacy"
4. "Remote 3D View"
Functional limitations
The system may not be fully functional or may
not be available in the following situations:
In poor light.
In case of soiled cameras.
With a door or the tailgate open. Dark fields in
the display indicate areas that are not re‐
corded by the system.
With exterior mirrors folded in.
When other camera functions are being per‐
formed in the vehicle.
When the vehicle moves faster than walking
It may not be possible to use the function in
every country.
For reasons of data protection, the function
can only be used three times within two
With Parking Assistant:
Parking Assistant
The system supports parking in the following sit‐
When parking parallel to the road, parallel
When reverse parking diagonally to the road,
diagonal parking. The system orients itself
with the middle of the parking space during
diagonal parking.
General information
Parking assistant handling is divided into three
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Driver assistance systems
Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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