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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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shield, side windows, upper body, and into the
floor area.
The air conditioning, refer to page 230, is
switched on automatically with the AUTO pro‐
Point the side vents toward the side windows.
The AUTO program is switched off automati‐
cally, when manual air distribution is set.
Recirculated-air mode
You may react to unpleasant odors or pollutants
in the immediate environment by temporarily
suspending the supply of outside air. The system
then recirculates the air flow within the vehicle.
Press the button:
The LED is illuminated when recircu‐
lated-air mode is switched on. The supply of out‐
side air is shut off.
When recirculated-air mode is switched off, fresh
air is directed into the vehicle's interior.
To prevent window fogging, recirculated-air
mode switches off automatically after a certain
amount of time, depending on the environmental
With constant recirculated-air mode, the air qual‐
ity in the car's interior deteriorates and window
fogging increases.
If there is window condensation, switch off recir‐
culated-air mode or defog the windows, refer to
page 231.
Adjusting the air flow manually
The air flow for climate control can be adjusted
Press the left or right side of the button:
to decrease or increase air flow.
The intensity is indicated by LEDs. The highest
level is active when seven LEDs are lit.
The air flow of the automatic climate control may
be reduced automatically to save battery power.
Adjusting the air distribution
The air distribution for climate control can be ad‐
justed manually.
Turn the wheel to select the de‐
sired program or the desired in‐
termediate setting.
Upper body region.
Windows, upper body region, and floor
Floor area.
To defrost windows and remove
Ice and condensation are quickly removed from
the windshield and the front side windows.
Make the following settings to defrost the win‐
dows and remove condensation:
Direct the air distribution onto the windows.
Increasing the air flow.
Increase the temperature.
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Climate control
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