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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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The selected temperature is shown on the dis‐
play of the automatic climate control.
Do not rapidly switch between different tempera‐
ture settings. Otherwise, the automatic climate
control will not have sufficient time to adjust the
set temperature.
AUTO program
Air flow, air distribution and temperature are con‐
trolled automatically.
Switching on/off
Press the button.
The LED is illuminated with the AUTO
program switched on.
Depending on the selected temperature and out‐
side influences, the air is directed to the upper
body and into the floor area.
Adjusting the air distribution
The air distribution for climate control can be ad‐
justed manually.
Press the button repeatedly to select a
Upper body region.
Upper body region and floor area.
Floor area.
Parked-car ventilation
The car's interior can be cooled or heated before
driving off with the parked-car ventilation. De‐
pending on set temperature and ambient tem‐
perature, the car's interior is ventilated or possi‐
bly heated using the residual engine heat.
General information
The system can be switched on and off directly
or via a preset departure time.
The activation time is determined based on the
external temperature. The system promptly
switches on before the selected departure time.
Functional requirements
The vehicle is in idle state or standby state
and not in drive-ready state.
Battery is sufficiently charged.
If parked-car ventilation is switched on, the
vehicle battery will be discharged. Thus, limit
the maximum activation time to save the ve‐
hicle battery. The system will be available
again after the engine is started or after a
short trip.
Make sure that the vehicle's date and time
are set correctly.
Open the vents to allow air to flow out.
Switching on/off directly
General information
There are different ways to switch the system on
or off.
The system switches off automatically after a
certain period of time. The system continues to
run for some time after being switched off.
Using the button
General information
When the vehicle is in standby state, the parked-
car ventilation can be switched on or off via the
automatic climate control buttons.
Switching on
Press any button except:
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Climate control
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