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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Slide the cover forward.
A USB port is located in the center console.
USB port Type A
For charging mobile devices and for data
Charge current when equipped with tele‐
phone service: max. 2.1 A.
In the rear center console
Two USB ports are located in the center console
in the rear passenger compartment.
USB port Type C.
For charging of mobile devices.
Charge current: 3 A per connection.
Wireless charging tray
The wireless charging tray enables the following
functions to be performed without cables:
Charging the rechargeable battery of a mo‐
bile phone with Qi capability and of other mo‐
bile devices, which support the Qi standard.
Charging the BMW Display key, refer to
page 79.
Connect the mobile phone to the external an‐
Depending on the country, this provides for
better network reception and a consistent re‐
production quality.
General information
When inserting the mobile phone, make sure
there are no objects between it and the wireless
charging tray.
During charging, the surface of the tray and the
mobile phone may become warm. Higher tem‐
peratures may lead to a reduction in the charge
current through the mobile phone, and in iso‐
lated cases the charging process is paused tem‐
porarily. Follow the relevant instructions in the
mobile phone owner's manual.
If the vehicle is equipped with a charge indi‐
cator, the Control Display shows whether a mo‐
bile phone with Qi capability is being charged.
This device has been tested for human exposure
limits and found compliant at a minimum dis‐
tance of 4 in/10 cm during operation.
Therefore, a distance of 4 in/10 cm must be
maintained in every direction when operating the
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Interior equipment
Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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