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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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vehicle parts in driving operation, idle or during
Mobile communication devices
in the vehicle
Vehicle electronics and mobile phones can in‐
fluence one another. There is radiation due to
the transmission operations of mobile phones.
There is a risk of injury or risk of damage to
property. If possible, in the car's interior use
only mobile phones with direct connections to
an exterior antenna in order to exclude mutual
interference and deflect the radiation from the
car's interior.
On wet or slushy roads, a wedge of water can
form between the tires and road surface.
This phenomenon is referred to as hydroplaning.
It is characterized by a partial or complete loss of
contact between the tires and the road surface,
ultimately undermining your ability to steer and
brake the vehicle.
Driving through water
General information
When driving through water, follow the following:
Deactivate Auto Start/Stop function.
Drive through calm water only.
Drive through water only if it is not deeper
than maximum 19.6 inches/50 cm.
Drive through water no faster than walking
speed, up to 3 mph/5 km/h.
Safety information
When driving too quickly through too deep wa‐
ter, water can enter into the engine compart‐
ment, the electrical system or the transmission.
There is a risk of damage to property. When
driving through water, do not exceed the maxi‐
mum indicated water level and the maximum
speed for driving through water.
Braking safely
General information
The vehicle is equipped with an Antilock Braking
System ABS as a standard feature.
Perform an emergency stop in situations that re‐
quire such.
Steering is still responsive. You can still avoid any
obstacles with a minimum of steering effort.
Pulsation of the brake pedal and sounds from the
hydraulic circuits indicate that the Antilock Brak‐
ing System ABS is in its active mode.
In certain braking situations, the perforated brake
discs can emit functional noises. However, func‐
tional noises have no effect on the performance
and operational reliability of the brake.
Objects in the area around the
Objects in the driver's floor area can limit the
pedal distance or block a depressed pedal.
There is a risk of accident. Stow objects in the
vehicle such that they are secured and cannot
enter into the driver's floor area. Use floor mats
that are suitable for the vehicle and can be
safely attached to the floor. Do not use loose
floor mats and do not layer several floor mats.
Make sure that there is sufficient clearance for
the pedals. Ensure that the floor mats are se‐
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Things to remember when driving
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