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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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curely fastened again after they were removed,
for instance for cleaning.
Driving in wet conditions
When roads are wet, salted, or in heavy rain, gen‐
tly press the brake pedal every few miles.
Ensure that this action does not endanger other
The heat generated during braking dries brake
discs and brake pads and protects them against
In this way braking efficiency will be available
when you need it.
General information
Drive long or steep downhill gradients in the gear
that requires least braking effort. Otherwise, the
brakes may overheat and reduce brake effi‐
You can increase the engine's braking effect by
shifting down, going all the way to first gear, if
Safety information
Light but consistent brake pressure can lead to
high temperatures, brakes wearing out and
possibly even brake failure. There is a risk of
accident. Avoid placing excessive stress on the
brake system.
In idle state or with the engine switched off,
safety functions, for instance engine braking ef‐
fect, braking assistance and steering assis‐
tance, may not be available. There is a risk of
accident. Do not attempt to drive in idle state or
with the engine switched off.
Brake disc corrosion
Corrosion on the brake discs and contamination
on the brake pads are increased by the following
Low mileage.
Extended periods when the vehicle is not
used at all.
Infrequent use of the brakes.
Aggressive, acidic, or alkaline cleaning
Corrosion buildup on the brake discs will cause a
pulsating effect on the brakes in their response -
generally this cannot be corrected.
Condensation water under the
parked vehicle
When using the automatic climate control, con‐
densation water develops and collects under‐
neath the vehicle.
Roof-mounted luggage
General information
Installation only possible with roof rack.
Roof racks are available as special accessories.
Safety information
When driving with a roof load, for instance with
roof-mounted luggage rack, the vehicle's cen‐
ter of gravity is higher, which increases the risk
of the vehicle tipping in critical driving situa‐
tions. There may be a risk of accident or risk of
damage to property. Do not deactivate DSC
Dynamic Stability Control when driving with
roof load.
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Things to remember when driving
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