2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #270

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Follow the installation instructions of the roof
Be sure that adequate clearance is maintained
for tilting and opening the glass sunroof.
Because roof-mounted luggage racks raise the
vehicle's center of gravity when loaded, they
have a major effect on vehicle handling and
steering response.
Therefore, note the following when loading and
Do not exceed the approved roof/axle loads
and the approved gross vehicle weight.
Be sure that adequate clearance is main‐
tained for tilting and opening the glass sun‐
Distribute the roof load uniformly.
The roof load should not extend past the
loading area.
Always place the heaviest pieces on the bot‐
Secure the roof luggage firmly, for instance
using ratchet straps.
Do not let objects project into the opening
path of the tailgate.
Drive cautiously and avoid sudden accelera‐
tion and braking maneuvers. Take corners
Driving on racetracks
The vehicle is not designed for use in M Sport
or motor sport type competition. There is a risk
of accident. Do not use the vehicle for M Sport
or motor sport type competitions.
Higher mechanical and thermal loads during
racetrack operation lead to increased wear. This
wear is not covered by the warranty.
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Things to remember when driving
Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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