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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Trailer stabilization control
This system supports the driver in stopping the
swinging of a trailer.
The trailer stabilization control detects swinging
and automatically brakes the vehicle quickly to
leave the critical speed range and stabilize the
vehicle-trailer combination.
General information
If the trailer power socket is in use but a trailer
has not been hitched, the system can become
active in certain driving situations, such as when
using a bicycle rack with lighting.
Functional requirement
The system is functional at speeds beginning at
approx. 40 mph/65 km/h while a trailer is being
towed and the trailer power socket is in use.
System limits
The system cannot intervene or not intervene in
time in the following situations, for instance:
If a trailer jackknifes suddenly, for instance on
slippery roads or loose surfaces.
If a trailer with a high center of gravity tilts, be‐
fore swinging is detected.
If DSC Dynamic Stability Control is deacti‐
vated or has malfunctioned.
When the power consumption of a trailer is
too low, e.g., due to tail lights in LED technol‐
ogy, to be detected by the system.
Activating trailer towing
When driving with a trailer or load carrier and the
trailer socket not in use, some driver assistance
systems may have functional limitations or may
malfunction. To prevent malfunctions, activate
trailer towing.
Activating trailer towing
Via iDrive:
1. "My Vehicle"
2. "Vehicle settings"
3. "Trailer mode"
4. Activate trailer towing.
Mount for trailer hitch
General information
The mount for the trailer hitch is located on the
rear of the vehicle.
Information on suitable trailer hitches is found on
the underside of the mount, see arrow.
Follow the Maintenance Instructions, refer to
page 347.
Safety information
During driving operation, high temperatures can
occur underneath the vehicle body, for instance
caused by the exhaust gas system. Contact
with the hot components can cause burns.
There is a risk of injury. Do not touch hot com‐
ponents. Do not perform work in the vicinity of
hot components until after they have cooled
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Trailer towing
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