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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Symbol Possible cause
Inflation was not carried out accord‐
ing to specifications, for instance
when the tire has not been suffi‐
ciently inflated or in the case of a
natural steady tire pressure loss.
Check the tire pressure and correct as needed.
If the tire inflation pressure is too
A yellow warning light is illuminated in
the instrument cluster.
In addition, a symbol with a Check Control mes‐
sage appears on the Control Display.
Symbol Possible cause
There is a tire inflation pressure loss.
Reduce the vehicle speed. Do not exceed a
speed of 80 mph/130 km/h.
2. At the next opportunity, for instance at a gas
station, check the tire inflation pressure in all
four tires and correct if necessary.
If there is a significant loss of tire
inflation pressure
A yellow warning light is illuminated in
the instrument cluster.
In addition, a symbol with the affected tire ap‐
pears in a Check Control message on the Con‐
trol Display.
Symbol Possible cause
There is a flat tire or a major loss in
tire inflation pressure.
1. Reduce your speed and stop cautiously.
Avoid sudden braking and steering maneu‐
2. Check whether the vehicle is fitted with nor‐
mal tires or run-flat tires.
Run-flat tires, refer to page 296, are labeled
with a circular symbol containing the letters
RSC marked on the tire's sidewall.
3. Read the description on What to do in case of
a flat tire, refer to page 306.
Messages: for tires with special
General information
A low tire inflation pressure may cause the DSC
Dynamic Stability Control to be switched on.
Safety information
A damaged regular tire with low or missing tire
inflation pressure impacts handling, such as
steering and braking response. Run-flat tires
can maintain limited stability. There is a risk of
accident. Do not continue driving if the vehicle
is equipped with normal tires. Follow the infor‐
mation on run-flat tires and continued driving
with these tires.
If a tire inflation pressure check is
A symbol with a Check Control message ap‐
pears on the Control Display.
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Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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