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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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life. If the vehicle is raised, do not lie under the
vehicle and do not start the engine.
Supports such as wooden blocks under the ve‐
hicle jack reduce the capacity of the vehicle
jack to bear weight. They have the potential to
exert too much strain on the vehicle jack, caus‐
ing it to tip over and the vehicle to fall. There is
a risk of injuries or danger to life. Do not place
supports under the vehicle jack.
The jack, issued by the vehicle manufacturer, is
provided in order to perform a wheel change in
the event of a breakdown. The jack is not de‐
signed for frequent use; for example, changing
from summer to winter tires. Using the jack fre‐
quently may cause it to become jammed or
damaged. There is a risk of injury and risk of
damage to property. Only use the jack to attach
an emergency or spare wheel in the event of a
On soft, uneven or slippery ground, for example
snow, ice, tiles, etc., the vehicle jack can slip
away. There is a risk of injury. If possible,
change the wheel on a flat, solid, and slip-re‐
sistant surface.
The vehicle jack is optimized for lifting the vehi‐
cle and for the jacking points on the vehicle
only. There is a risk of injury. Do not lift any
other vehicle or cargo using the vehicle jack.
When the vehicle jack is not inserted into the
jacking point provided for this purpose, the ve‐
hicle may be damaged or the vehicle jack may
slip when it is being cranked up. There is a risk
of injury or risk of damage to property. When
cranking up the vehicle jack, ensure that it is in‐
serted in the jacking point next to the wheel
A vehicle that is raised on a vehicle jack may fall
off of the jack if lateral forces are exerted on it.
There is a risk of injury and risk of damage to
property. While the vehicle is raised, do not ex‐
ert lateral forces on the vehicle or pull abruptly
on the vehicle. Have a stuck wheel removed by
a dealer’s service center or another qualified
service center or repair shop.
Securing the vehicle against
General information
The vehicle manufacturer recommends to addi‐
tionally secure the vehicle against rolling away
when changing a wheel.
On a level surface
Place wheel chocks or other suitable objects in
front and behind the wheel that is diagonal to the
wheel to be changed.
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