2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #314

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
Pages: 368

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Jacking points for the vehicle
The jacking points for the vehicle jack are lo‐
cated at the indicated positions.
Jacking up the vehicle
Hands and fingers can be jammed when using
the vehicle jack. There is a risk of injury. Com‐
ply with the described hand position and do not
change this position while using the vehicle
1. Hold the vehicle jack with one hand, arrow 1,
and grasp the vehicle jack crank or lever with
your other hand, arrow 2.
2. Insert the vehicle jack into the rectangular re‐
cess of the jacking point closest to the wheel
to be changed.
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Wheels and tires
Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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