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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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3. Extend the vehicle jack by turning the vehicle
jack crank or lever clockwise.
4. Take your hand away from the vehicle jack as
soon as the vehicle jack is under load and
continue turning the vehicle jack crank or
lever with one hand.
5. Make sure that the vehicle jack foot stands
vertically and at a right angle beneath the
jacking point.
6. Make sure that the vehicle jack foot stands
vertically and perpendicularly beneath the
jacking point after extending the vehicle jack.
7. Crank the vehicle up, until the vehicle jack is
with the entire surface on the ground and the
relevant wheel is maximum 1.2 inches/3 cm
above ground.
Mounting a wheel
Mount one emergency wheel only, as required.
1. Unscrew the lug bolts.
2. Remove the wheel.
3. Put the new wheel or emergency wheel on
and screw in at least two lug bolts in a cross‐
wise pattern until hand-tight.
If non-original light-alloy wheels of the vehicle
manufacturer are mounted, the accompany‐
ing lug bolts may have to be used as well.
4. Hand-tighten the remaining lug bolts and
tighten all lug bolts well in a crosswise pat‐
5. Turn the vehicle jack crank counterclockwise
to retract the vehicle jack and lower the vehi‐
6. Remove the vehicle jack and stow it securely.
After the wheel change
Tighten the lug bolts crosswise. The tighten‐
ing torque is 101 lbs ft/140 Nm.
2. Stow the nonworking wheel in the cargo area,
if necessary.
The nonworking wheel cannot be stored un‐
der the cargo floor panel because of its size.
3. Check tire inflation pressure at the next op‐
portunity and correct as needed.
4. Reinitialize the Flat Tire Monitor.
Reset the Tire Pressure Monitor TPM.
5. Check to make sure the lug bolts are tight
with a calibrated torque wrench.
6. Have the damaged tire replaced at the near‐
est dealer's service center or another quali‐
fied service center or repair shop.
Emergency wheel
In the event of a flat tire, the emergency wheel
can be used in place of the wheel with the defec‐
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Wheels and tires
Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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