2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #316

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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tive tire. The emergency wheel is only intended
for temporary use until the defective tire/wheel
has been replaced.
General information
Mount one emergency wheel only.
Also check the tire inflation pressure of the
emergency wheel in the cargo area regularly, and
correct it as needed.
Safety information
The emergency wheel has particular dimen‐
sions. When driving with an emergency wheel,
changed driving properties may occur, for in‐
stance reduced lane stability when braking, lon‐
ger braking distance, and changed self-steering
properties in the limit area. There is a risk of ac‐
cident. Drive moderately and do not exceed a
speed of 50 mph/80 km/h.
The emergency wheel and the wheel change
tools are located in the cargo area under the
cargo floor panel.
Removing the emergency wheel
Fold the rear part of the cargo floor panel for‐
2. Lift the cargo floor panel up and attach it to
the folded-down multi-function hook.
3. Remove the cover.
4. Open the ratchet strap at the clasp, arrow 1.
5. Remove the emergency wheel from the stor‐
age well, arrow 2.
Inserting the emergency wheel
Place the emergency wheel in the storage
2. Tie the ratchet strap. Make sure that it is cor‐
rectly and firmly seated.
3. Install the cover.
4. Lift the cargo floor panel up slightly and fold
in the multi-function hook.
5. Lower the cargo floor panel and fold it toward
the rear.
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Wheels and tires
Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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