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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Displaying the engine oil level
Via iDrive:
1. "My Vehicle"
2. "Vehicle status"
3. "Engine oil level"
The engine oil level is displayed.
System limits
When making frequent short-distance trips or
using a dynamic driving style, it may not be pos‐
sible to calculate a measured value. In this case,
the measured value for the last, sufficiently long
trip is displayed.
Detailed measurement
The engine oil level is checked when the vehicle
is stationary and displayed via a scale.
If the engine oil level is outside its permissible
operating range, a Check Control message is
General information
During the measurement, the idle speed is in‐
creased somewhat.
Functional requirements
Vehicle is parked in a horizontal position.
Steptronic transmission: selector lever in se‐
lector lever position N or P and accelerator
pedal not depressed.
Engine is running and is at operating temper‐
Performing a detailed measurement
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "Vehicle status"
3. "Engine oil level"
4. "Measure engine oil level"
5. "Start measurement"
The engine oil level is checked and displayed via
a scale.
Adding engine oil
General information
Only add engine oil when the message is dis‐
played in the instrument cluster. The quantity to
be added is indicated in the message shown on
the Control Display.
Only add suitable types of engine oil.
Safely park the vehicle and switch off drive-ready
state before adding engine oil.
Take care not to add too much engine oil.
Safety information
Operating materials, for instance oils, greases,
coolants, fuels, can contain harmful ingredients.
There is a risk of injuries or danger to life. Fol‐
low the instructions on the containers. Avoid
the contact of articles of clothing, skin or eyes
with operating materials. Do not refill operating
materials into different bottles. Store operating
materials out of reach of children.
An engine oil level that is too low causes en‐
gine damage. There is a risk of damage to
property. Immediately add engine oil.
Too much engine oil can damage the engine or
the catalytic converter. There is a risk of dam‐
age to property. Do not add too much engine
oil. When too much engine oil is added, have
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Engine oil
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