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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Replacing the rear wiper blade
The wiper blade is engaged at the end of the
wiper arm.
1. Lift off the wiper fully and pull off the wiper
blade, arrow.
2. Attach a new wiper blade. The wiper blade
must engage audibly.
3. Fold down the wipers.
Lights and bulbs
General information
Lights and bulbs
Lights and bulbs make an essential contribution
to vehicle safety.
Some items of equipment use light-emitting di‐
odes installed behind a cover as a light source.
These light-emitting diodes are related to con‐
ventional lasers and are officially designated as
Class 1 light-emitting diodes.
The manufacturer of the vehicle recommends
that you let a dealer's service center or another
qualified service center or repair shop perform
the work in case of a malfunction.
A spare light box is available from a dealer's serv‐
ice center or another qualified service center or
repair shop.
Follow the safety information, refer to page 329.
Headlight glass
Condensation can form on the inside of the
headlight glass in cool or humid weather. When
driving with the lights switched on, the conden‐
sation evaporates after a short time. The head‐
light glass does not need to be changed.
If despite driving with the headlights switched on,
increasing humidity forms, for instance water
droplets in the light, have the headlights
Safety information
Bulbs can get hot during operation. Contact
with the bulbs can cause burns. There is a risk
of injury. Only change bulbs after they have
cooled off.
Work on switched-on lighting systems can
cause short circuits. There is a risk of injury or
risk of damage to property. When working on
the lighting system, switch off the lights in
question. If necessary, heed the bulb manufac‐
turer's instructions.
Intensive brightness can irritate or damage the
retina of the eye. There is a risk of injury. Do not
look directly into the headlights or other light
sources. Do not remove the LED covers.
Dirty bulbs have a reduced service life. There is
a risk of damage to property. Do not hold new
bulbs with your bare hands. Use a clean cloth
or something similar, or hold the bulb by its
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Replacing components
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