2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #342

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Lift the vehicle using suitable means.
Do not lift or secure the vehicle by its tow
fitting, body parts, or suspension parts.
Pushing the vehicle
To remove a broken-down vehicle from the dan‐
ger area, it can be pushed for a short distance.
For rolling or pushing the vehicle, refer to
page 128.
Tow truck
The vehicle should only be transported on a
loading platform.
Towing other vehicles
General information
Switch on the hazard warning system, depend‐
ing on local regulations.
If the electrical system has failed, clearly identify
the vehicle being towed by placing a sign or a
warning triangle in the rear window.
Safety information
If the approved gross vehicle weight of the tow‐
ing vehicle is lighter than the vehicle to be
towed, the tow fitting can tear off or it will not
be possible to control the vehicle's response.
There is a risk of accident. Make sure that the
gross vehicle weight of the towing vehicle is
heavier than the vehicle to be towed.
If the tow bar or tow rope is attached incor‐
rectly, damage to other vehicle parts can occur.
There is a risk of damage to property. Correctly
attach the tow bar or tow rope to the tow fitting.
Tow bar
The tow fittings used should be on the same
side on both vehicles.
Should it prove impossible to avoid mounting the
tow bar at an offset angle, please follow the fol‐
Maneuvering capability is limited going
around corners.
The tow bar will generate lateral forces if it is
secured with an offset.
Tow rope
Observe the following notes when using the tow
Use nylon ropes or straps, which will enable
the vehicle to be towed without jerking.
Make sure the tow rope is not twisted when
Check the fastening of the tow fitting and tow
rope in regular intervals.
Do not exceed a towing speed of
30 mph/50 km/h.
Do not exceed a towing distance of
3 miles/5 km.
When starting to tow the vehicle, make sure
that the tow rope is taut.
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