2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #352

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
Pages: 368

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Everything from A to Z
3D View, see Surround View 213
ABS Antilock Braking System 187
Acceleration Assistant, see Launch Control 131
Accessories and parts 8
Accident prevention, see Active Protection 184
ACC, see Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go
function 194
Activated charcoal filter 236
Activation, trailer towing 273
Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function,
ACC 194
Active damping control, see Adaptive suspen‐
sion 228
Active Guard, see Intelligent Safety 162
Active PDC, see Emergency brake function 208
Active Protection 184
Active seat ventilation 107
Adaptive brake assistant 187
Adaptive brake lights, see Brake force dis‐
play 183
Adaptive Light Control 153
Adaptive M chassis 228
ADAPTIVE, see Driving Dynamics Control 134
Adaptive suspension 228
Additives, engine oil types 322
Adjusting contents, iDrive 43
Adjustments, steering wheel 105
Airbags 158
Airbags, indicator and warning light 160
Air circulation, see Recirculated-air
mode 231, 234
air conditioning, climate 233
Air distribution, manual 231, 235
Air drying, see air conditioning 233
Air flow, automatic climate control 231, 235
Air outlets, see Ventilation 236
Air pressure, tires 286
Alarm system 90
Alarm, unintentional 91
All-season tires, see Winter tires 295
All-wheel-drive, see xDrive 189
Amazon Alexa Car Integration 52
Ambient air package 240
Ambient light 156
Antifreeze, see Washer fluid 126
Antilock Braking System ABS 187
Anti-slip control, see DSC 187
Anti-theft protection, locking 73
Anti-theft protection, lug bolt lock 313
Apple CarPlay preparation, connection to the ve‐
hicle 66
Approach control warning with City braking func‐
tion 163
Apps, see Owner's Handbook for Navigation, En‐
tertainment, Communication 6
Ashtray 247
Assistance when driving off, see Drive-off assis‐
tant 187
Assistance with breakdown 337
AUC Automatic Recirculating Air Control 234
Audio, see Owner's Manual for Navigation, En‐
tertainment and Communication 6
AUTO H button, see Parking brake 119
Automatic activation, see Individual activa‐
tion 107
Automatic climate control 229, 232
Automatic cruise control with Stop&Go func‐
tion 194
Automatic Curb Monitor, exterior mirror 104
Automatic deactivation, front-seat passenger air‐
bags 160
Automatic Differential Brake 190
Automatic headlight control 152
Automatic Hold, see Parking brake 119
Automatic locking 89
Seite 352
Everything from A to Z
Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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