2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #354

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
Pages: 368

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CarPlay, connection to the vehicle 66
Car seats, see Transporting children safely 109
Cartridge replacement, see Ambient air pack‐
age 240
Catalytic converter, see Hot exhaust gas sys‐
tem 267
CBS Condition Based Service 326
Cell phone, see Owner's Manual for Navigation,
Entertainment and Communication 6
Center armrest 256
Center armrest, front 256
Center console 32
Central Information Display (CID), see Control
Display 40
Central locking system 82
Central screen, see Control Display 40
Changes, technical, see For Your Own Safety 7
Changing parts 328
Changing wheels 311
Changing, wheels and tires 294
Charging tray for smartphones, see Wireless
charging tray 250
Chassis number, see Vehicle identification num‐
ber 12
Check Control 136
Checking the engine oil level electronically 320
Children, seating position 109
Children, transporting safely 109
Child restraint system LATCH 111
Child restraint systems, mounting 110
Child restraint systems, see Transporting chil‐
dren safely 109
Child safety locks 114
Child seat, mounting 110
Child seats, see Transporting children
safely 109
Chrome-plated surfaces, care 346
Chrome surfaces, care 346
Cigarette lighter 247
Cigarette lighter, front 248
Cleaning displays, screens 347
Cleaning, Head-up Display 347
Clearance, water 268
Climate control 229, 232
Clothes hooks 257
Coasting 279
Coasting with engine decoupled, see Coast‐
ing 279
Coasting with idling engine 279
Combination switch, see Turn signals 122
Combination switch, see Washer/wiper sys‐
tem 123
Comfort Access 83
COMFORT, see Driving Dynamics Control 132
Communication, see Owner's Manual for Naviga‐
tion, Entertainment and Communication 6
Compact wheel, see Emergency wheel 315
Comparison of entries, see Entry comparison 38
Compartments, doors 255
Compatible devices, see Suitable devices 63
Compressor 298
Computer, see Onboard Computer in the instru‐
ment cluster 145
Concierge Service, see Owner's Handbook for
Navigation, Entertainment, Communication 6
Condensation water under the parked vehi‐
cle 269
Condensation, windshield 231, 235
Condition Based Service CBS 326
Confirmation signal from the vehicle 89
ConnectedDrive, see Owner's Manual for Navi‐
gation, Entertainment and Communication 6
Connecting electrical devices, see Sockets 248
Connecting, mobile devices 62
Consumption display, ECO PRO 278
Consumption, see Current consumption 146
Contacts, see Owner's Handbook for Navigation,
Entertainment, Communication 6
Container for washer fluid 126
Continued driving with a flat tire 307, 311
Control Display 40
Controller 40
Control systems, driving stability 187
Convenient closing, vehicle key 74
Convenient opening, vehicle key 73
Coolant 324
Coolant level 324
Coolant temperature, see Engine tempera‐
ture 140
Cooling, maximum 233
Cooling system 324
Cornering light 153
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