2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #356

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
Pages: 368

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Dynamic Stability Control DSC 187
Dynamic Traction Control DTC 189
ECO PRO, bonus range 278
ECO PRO, Driving style analysis 280
ECO PRO INDIVIDUAL, see Driving Dynamics
Control 132
ECO PRO, see Driving Dynamics Control 132
Electronic oil measurement 320
Electronic Stability Program ESP, see DSC 187
E-mail, see Owner's Handbook for Navigation,
Entertainment, Communication 6
Emergency brake function when parking, Active
PDC 208
Emergency braking, see PostCrash - iBrake 184
Emergency Request 339
Emergency service, see BMW Accident Assis‐
tance 339
Emergency service, see BMW Roadside Assis‐
tance 338
Emergency unlocking, fuel filler flap 283
Emergency unlocking, transmission lock 131
Emergency wheel 315
Energy recovery, Onboard Computer 146
Energy savings, see Gear shift indicator 142
Engine, automatic Start/Stop function 116
Engine compartment 317
Engine coolant 324
Engine idling when driving, see Coasting 279
Engine oil 320
Engine oil, adding 321
Engine oil change 323
Engine oil filler neck 321
Engine oil temperature 140
Engine oil types to add 322
Engine start, see Drive-ready state 115
Engine start, see Jump-starting 340
Engine temperature 140
Entering a destination, see Owner's Handbook
for Navigation, Entertainment, Communica‐
tion 6
Entering an address, navigation, see Owner's
Manual for Navigation, Entertainment and Com‐
munication 6
Entertainment, see Owner's Manual for Naviga‐
tion, Entertainment and Communication 6
Entry comparison 38
Equipment, interior 244
Error displays, see Check Control 136
ESP Electronic Stability Program, see DSC 187
Evasion Assistant 167
Exchanging, wheels and tires 294
Exhaust gas system 267
Exhaust, see Exhaust gas system 267
Exterior lighting during unlocking 73
Exterior lighting with the vehicle locked 74
Exterior mirror, Automatic Curb Monitor 104
Exterior mirror, automatic dimming feature 104
Exterior mirrors 103
Exterior mirrors, malfunction 103
External start, see Jump-starting 340
External temperature 140
Eyelet for towing 343
Eyes, see Lashing eyes in the cargo area 259
Failure message, see Check Control 136
False alarm, see Avoiding unintentional
alarms 91
Fan, see Air flow 231, 235
Fastening safety belts, see Safety belts 98
Fatigue alert 185
Filler neck for engine oil 321
Filter, see Microfilter 232
Fine wood parts, care 346
First-aid kit 337
Fittings for trailer safety chain, trailer towing 274
Flat tire, changing wheels 311
Flat tire, continued driving 307, 311
Flat tire, Flat Tire Monitor TPM 309
Flat tire message, FTM 309
Flat tire message, TPM 305
Flat Tire Monitor TPM 309
Flat tire, repairing 297
Flat tire, see Tire Pressure Monitor TPM 302
Flat tire warning light, FTM 309
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