2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #362

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
Pages: 368

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Safe braking 268
Safety belt reminder for driver's seat and front
passenger seat 100
Safety belt reminder for the rear seats 100
Safety belts 98
Safety belts, care 347
Safety locks, doors, and windows 114
Safety package, see Active Protection 184
Safety switch, windows 93
Safety systems, see Airbags 158
Safety systems, see Intelligent Safety 162
Saving fuel 275
Screen, see Control Display 40
Sealant, see Mobility System 297
Seat heating 106
Seat heating, individual activation 107
Seating position for children 109
Seats and head restraints 96
Seats, front 96
Seats, rear 98
Seat ventilation, individual activation 107
Securing, cargo 259
Selection list in instrument cluster 144
Selector lever, Steptronic transmission 127
Self-supporting tires, see Run-flat tires 296
Sensors, care 347
Service and warranty 9
Service Center, see BMW Accident Assis‐
tance 339
Service Center, see BMW Roadside Assis‐
tance 338
Service notifications 141
Service requirements, see Condition Based
Service CBS 326
Services, ConnectedDrive, see Owner's Manual
for Navigation, Entertainment and Communica‐
tion 6
SET button, Active Cruise Control 194
SET button, cruise control 192
Set speed, see Active Cruise Control with
Stop&Go function 194
Settings, general 54
Settings, locking/unlocking 88
Settings, mirrors 103
Settings, seats and head restraints 96
Shift paddles on the steering wheel 127
Side airbag 158
Side collision mitigation 179
Side parking aid without Surround View 208
Side protection aid without Surround View, see
Side parking aid 208
Signaling, horn 30
Signals when unlocking, see Confirmation sig‐
nals from the vehicle 89
Sitting safely 96
Ski and snowboard bag 265
Slide/tilt glass roof, see Glass sunroof 93
Smallest turning circle, vehicle 348
Smartphone, connecting 62
Smartphone, see Owner's Manual for Navigation,
Entertainment and Communication 6
Smartphone, using via voice activation 52
Smoker's package 247
SMS, see Short messages, see Owner's Hand‐
book for Navigation, Entertainment, Communi‐
cation 6
Snow chains 301
Socket for OBD Onboard Diagnosis 327
Sockets, electrical devices 248
Software update 68
Software, updating 68
SOS button, see Intelligent emergency call 339
Sound output, see Owner's Handbook for Navi‐
gation, Entertainment, Communication 6
Spare tire, see Emergency wheel 315
Speech recognition 50
Speed limit display, see Speed Limit Info 142
Speed Limit Info 142
Speed, see Average speed and average con‐
sumption 146
Speed warning 148
Split screen 39
Sport chassis/suspension, see Adaptive M chas‐
sis 228
Sport displays 147
SPORT INDIVIDUAL, see Driving Dynamics
Control 132
SPORT PLUS, see Driving Dynamics Con‐
trol 132
Sport program, Steptronic transmission 127
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