2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #363

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
Pages: 368

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SPORT, see Driving Dynamics Control 132
Sport steering, variable 191
Stability control systems 187
Standard equipment, see Vehicle equipment 7
Standby state, idle state and drive-ready
state 35
Start/stop, automatic function 116
Start/Stop button 115
Starting aid terminals 341
Starting, see Drive-ready state 115
Starting the engine, see Drive-ready state 115
Stations, AM/FM, see Owner's Handbook for
Navigation, Entertainment, Communication 6
Status control display, tires 304
Status field symbols 39
Status information, iDrive 39
Status of Owner's Manual 7
Status, vehicle 148
Steering and traffic jam assistant 202
Steering column adjustment 105
Steering wheel, adjusting 105
Steering wheel, buttons 30
Steptronic Sport transmission, see Steptronic
transmission 127
Steptronic transmission 127
Storage compartment, center console 255
Storage compartments 254
Storage compartments, cargo area 260
Storage compartments, locations 254
Storage, tires 296
Store Mirror position, see Memory function 105
Store seat position, see Memory function 105
Store steering wheel position, see Memory func‐
tion 105
Storing the vehicle 347
Stowing, cargo 259
Straps for cargo, see Lashing eyes in the cargo
area 259
Suitable devices 63
Suitable mobile phones 63
Summer tires, tread 293
Sun visor 247
Supplementary Owner's Manuals 70
Supplementary text message 139
Surround View 213
Suspension settings, see Driving Dynamics Con‐
trol 132
Swinging of trailer, see Trailer stabilization con‐
trol 273
Switches, see Cockpit 30
Switch for driving dynamics, see Driving Dynam‐
ics Control 132
Switching off the engine, see Drive-ready
state 115
Symbols and displays 6
SYNC program, automatic climate control 235
Tachometer 140
Tailgate, opening and closing with no-touch acti‐
vation 85
Tailgate, vehicle key 74
Tail lights, see Lights and bulbs 329
Tank capacity 350
Technical changes, see For Your Own Safety 7
Technical data 348
Telephone, see Owner's Manual for Navigation,
Entertainment and Communication 6
Teleservices, see Owner's Handbook for Naviga‐
tion, Entertainment, Communication 6
Temperature, automatic climate con‐
trol 230, 233
Temperature display, see External tempera‐
ture 140
Temperature, engine oil 140
Tensioning straps, cargo area 261
Text message, Check Control 139
Theft alarm system, see Alarm system 90
Thigh support 97
Third-party providers 52
Tilt alarm sensor 91
Tilt, backrest 97
Tilt down, passenger's side exterior mirror, see
Automatic Curb Monitor 104
Time 54
Time of arrival, Onboard Computer 146
Tire brands, recommended 295
Tire damage 293
Tire identification marks 291
Tire inflation pressure 286
Seite 363
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Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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