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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Selecting the display
The display can be selected in menus which
support the split screen function.
1. Move the Controller to the right until the split
screen is selected.
2. Press the Controller.
3. Select the desired setting.
Specifying the number of displays
It is possible to specify the number of displays.
1. Move the Controller to the right until the split
screen is selected.
2. Press the Controller.
3. "Personalize menu"
4. Select the desired setting.
5. Move the Controller to the left.
Control elements
1 Control Display, with touchscreen depending
on the equipment version
2 Controller with buttons and, depending on
the equipment version, with touchpad
Control Display
General information
To clean the Control Display, follow the care in‐
structions, refer to page 347.
In the case of very high temperatures on the
Control Display, for instance due to intense solar
radiation, the brightness may be reduced down
to complete deactivation. Once the temperature
is reduced, for instance through shade or air con‐
ditioning, the normal functions are restored.
Safety information
Objects in the area in the front of the Control
Display can shift and damage the Control Dis‐
play. There is a risk of damage to property. Do
not place objects in the area in front of the
Control Display.
Switching on/off automatically
The Control Display is switched on automatically
when the vehicle is unlocked or as soon as the
Control Display is needed for operation.
In certain situations, the Control Display is
switched off automatically, for instance if no op‐
eration is performed on the vehicle for several
Switching on/off manually
The Control Display can also be switched off
1. Press the button.
2. "Turn off control display"
Press the Controller or any button on the Con‐
troller to switch it back on again.
Controller with navigation
General information
The buttons can be used to open the menus di‐
rectly. The Controller can be used to select
menu items and enter the settings.
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