2021 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #52

Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Adjusting the volume
Turn the volume button during the spoken in‐
structions until the desired volume is set.
The volume remains constant even if the vol‐
ume of other audio sources is changed.
The volume is stored for the driver profile
currently used.
System limits
Certain noises can be detected and may lead
to problems. Keep the doors, windows, and
glass sunroof closed.
Noises from the front passenger or the rear
seat bench can impair the system. Avoid
making other noise in the vehicle while
Major language dialects can cause problems
with the voice recognition feature. Speak loud
and clear.
Using the voice activation
system of the smartphone
A smartphone connected to the vehicle can be
used via voice activation.
Activate voice command response on the smart‐
phone for this purpose.
1. Press and hold the button on the
steering wheel for approx. 3 seconds.
Voice command response is activated on the
Release the button.
If activation is successful, a confirmation ap‐
pears on the Control Display.
If it was not possible to activate voice command
response, the list of Bluetooth devices appears
on the Control Display.
Voice assistants from third-
party providers
Some third-party providers provide digital voice
assistants. Supported voice assistants can be
used in the vehicle.
General information
Some of the functions are limited in the vehicle
to prevent any impairment of safety while driving.
Functional requirements
Connected Voice Services purchased via
ConnectedDrive Store.
Same ConnectedDrive account used in the
vehicle and in the BMW Connected app.
Vehicle added in the BMW Connected app.
Third-party account and BMW account are
linked in the BMW Connected app.
Smartphone connected to the vehicle via
Activation in the BMW
Connected app
Third-party assistants are set up in the BMW
Connected app.
Follow the instructions in the app.
Activation in the vehicle
An authorization for the use of the voice assistant
is required every time before starting a trip.
Authorizing voice assistants from third-party
Connect the smartphone to the vehicle
via Bluetooth.
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Voice activation system
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