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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Insert the mobile phone into the wireless
charging tray.
Adjust the volume of the microphone and
loudspeakers separately in the sound set‐
If all points in this list have been checked and the
required function is still not available, contact the
hotline, a dealer’s service center or another quali‐
fied service center or repair shop.
USB connection
General information
The following mobile devices can be connected
to the USB port:
Mobile phones.
Audio devices such as MP3 players.
USB storage devices.
Common file systems are supported. FAT32
and exFAT are the recommended formats.
A connected USB device will be supplied with
charge current via the USB port if the device
supports this. Follow the maximum charge cur‐
rent of the USB port.
The following uses are possible on USB ports
with data transfer:
Exporting and importing driver profiles, refer
to page 59.
Playing music files via USB audio.
Playing videos via USB video.
Loading of software updates, refer to
page 68.
Follow the following when connecting:
Do not use force when plugging the connec‐
tor into the USB port.
Use a flexible adapter cable.
Protect the USB device against mechanical
Due to the large number of USB devices
available on the market, it cannot be guaran‐
teed that every device is operable on the ve‐
Do not expose USB devices to extreme envi‐
ronmental conditions, such as very high tem‐
peratures; refer to the owner's manual of the
Due to the many different compression tech‐
niques, proper playback of the media stored
on the USB device cannot be guaranteed in
all cases.
To ensure proper transmission of the stored
data, do not charge a USB device via the on‐
board socket, when it is connected to the
USB port.
Depending on how the USB device is being
used, settings may be required on the USB
storage device, refer to the owner's manual of
the device.
Not compatible USB devices:
USB hard drives.
USB hubs.
USB memory card readers with multiple slots.
HFS-formatted USB devices.
Devices such as fans or lamps.
Functional requirement
Compatible device, refer to page 63, with USB
Connecting the device
Connect the USB device using a suitable adapter
cable to a USB port, refer to page 249.
The USB device is displayed in the device list,
refer to page 67.
WiFi hotspot
General information
Up to 8 devices can be connected with the hot‐
spot of the vehicle at the same time.
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