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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Functional requirements
Compatible device, refer to page 63, with
WLAN interface.
WLAN activated on the device.
Registration and data contract with a service
provider where required.
Internet use is activated for the vehicle.
Standby state switched on.
Activating the WiFi hotspot
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "iDrive settings"
3. "Mobile devices"
4. "Settings"
5. "Internet hotspot"
Connecting device to WiFi
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "iDrive settings"
3. "Mobile devices"
4. "Connect new device"
5. "Internet hotspot"
Hotspot name and hotspot code are dis‐
played on the Control Display.
6. Search for WLAN networks on the device.
Select network name on the device.
7. Enter hotspot code on the device and con‐
The device is displayed in the device list, refer to
page 67.
The initial Internet use via the hotspot requires a
registration and possibly a data volume purchase
from a service provider.
Depending on the country version, data volume
can be purchased via the connected mobile de‐
vice or from the ConnectedDrive Store.
All devices connected via the hotspot use this
data volume.
The network name and hotspot code can be
changed. In addition, the network name can be
hidden so that it cannot be found by other devi‐
Via iDrive:
1. "My Vehicle"
2. "iDrive settings"
3. "Mobile devices"
Press the button.
"Change hotspot key"
Enter the desired hotspot code.
"Change hotspot name"
Enter the desired network name.
"Hide hotspot"
Activate or deactivate the function.
6. Confirm the entry of the hotspot code or net‐
work name:
Select the symbol.
Apple CarPlay preparation
CarPlay allows certain functions of a compatible
Apple iPhone to be used via Siri voice operation
and iDrive.
Functional requirements
Compatible iPhone, refer to page 63.
iPhone 5 or later with iOS 7.1 or later.
Corresponding mobile contract.
Bluetooth, WLAN, and Siri voice operation
are activated on the iPhone.
If necessary, the setting for mobile data must
be activated on the iPhone.
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