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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Operating concept
The following information shows how to access
the information and functions using the main
Main menu Information/Function
Door status.
Alarm system status.
After alarm triggering: date,
time, and reason for trig‐
gering the alarm.
Window status.
Glass sunroof status.
Maintenance indicators of
Condition Based Service
CBS, refer to page 326.
Status of the roadside
parking lights.
"Mobility info" Range with available fuel.
With parked-car heating:
operate parked-car heat‐
ing, refer to page 238.
Without parked-car heat‐
ing: operate parked-car
ventilation, refer to
page 238.
Display key battery
General information
Follow the following information:
If the charge state of the display key battery
declines, the display is switched off automati‐
cally. The battery must be recharged so that
the display can be switched back on. The op‐
erability of the standard buttons is retained
until the battery is completely discharged.
Charge the battery for at least three hours
before using the display key for the first time
or if the key has not been used for an ex‐
tended period.
The display key can be used during charging
via the USB port. If the battery is fully dis‐
charged, it may take some time before the
display key can be used again.
Due to the large number of USB chargers
available on the market, it cannot be guaran‐
teed that every charger will function properly.
The charging duration depends on the
charger used.
Charging via the USB port may heat up the
charger and the display key.
Charging in the wireless charging tray may
heat up the tray and the display key.
At higher temperatures, the charge current
through the display key may be reduced, and
in isolated cases the charge process may be
interrupted temporarily.
When inserting the display key into the wire‐
less charging tray, make sure there are no
objects between it and the wireless charging
Safety information
When charging a device that meets the Qi
standard in the wireless charging tray, any
metal objects located between the device and
the tray can become very hot. Placing storage
devices or electronic cards, such as chip cards,
cards with magnetic strips or cards for signal
transmission, between the device and the tray
may impair the card function. There is a risk of
injury and risk of damage to property. When
charging mobile devices, make sure there are
no objects between the device and the tray.
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