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Posted on 14 Aug, 2020
Model: 2021 BMW X3
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Connect the display key via the micro-USB
charging socket to a USB port.
Manual transmission: in the center armrest
1. Open the center armrest.
2. Place the display key into the recess of the
wireless charging tray underneath the center
Make sure that the display is on the side of
the clamp and that the lock button points up‐
3. Close the center armrest.
Steptronic transmission: in the center
Open the tray cover.
2. Place the display key into the middle of the
wireless charging tray in front of the cup hold‐
Ensure that the display is facing up.
3. Close the tray cover.
LED displays
Color Meaning
Blue The display key is charging.
The blue LED stays illuminated once
the inserted display key is fully
Orange The display key is not charging.
Temperature on the display key pos‐
sibly too high or foreign object in
charging tray.
Red The display key is not charging.
Contact a dealer’s service center or
another qualified service center or re‐
pair shop.
General information
A Check Control message is displayed.
BMW display key detection by the vehicle may
malfunction under the following circumstances:
The battery of the display key is discharged.
Charge the battery, refer to page 79.
Interference of the radio connection from
transmission towers or other equipment with
high transmitting power.
Shielding of the display key due to metal ob‐
Interference of the radio connection from mo‐
bile phones or other electronic devices in di‐
rect proximity.
Interference of radio transmission by a charg‐
ing process of mobile devices, for instance
charging of a mobile phone.
Do not transport the display key together with
metal objects or electronic devices.
In the case of interference, the vehicle can also
be unlocked and locked from the outside with
the mechanical key.
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Opening and closing
Online Edition for Part no. 01405A10E93 - VI/20

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