2005 BMW X3 2.5i — Owner's Manual

Posted on 23 May, 2015
Model: 2005 BMW X3 2.5i
Pages: 126

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Manual Description
The following section explains the significance Automatic transmission + 36 of the individual colors as well as how you should respond when they appear. Controls This chapter is intended to provide you with information for complete control of your vehicle. Its extensive array of features and accessories, both for driving and for your own safety, comfort and convenience, are described here.

You should and from inside via the button for the central use each master key at least twice a year in locking system. When the system is locked from inside, the fuel Depending on which master key is detected filler door remains unlocked, refer to page 18. The alarm system is also For storage in a safe place, such as in your armed or disarmed.

In the event of a serious accident, the central This key does not fit in the lock of the glove locking system unlocks automatically. You can set an acoustic signal to remind you if the ignition key is still in the ignition lock after you open the driver's door. You may have this function set on a vehicle via the door lock using the master key.

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