2006.5 BMW Motorrad G 650 Xmoto (USA) Owner's Manual

2006.5 BMW Motorrad G 650 Xmoto (USA) Owner's Manual
Posted on 24 Sep, 2015
Model: 2006.5 BMW Motorrad G 650 Xmoto (USA)
Pages: 132
File size: 1 MB

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Manual Description
In addition, it contains information on maintenance and care to help you maintain your motorcycle's reliability and safety, as well as its value. This explains why the manual may also contain deCurrentness of this scriptions of equipment which manual you have not ordered. In traffic jams, switch off the Continued driving with engine, but keep the ignian overheated engine tion switched on so that the can result in engine damage.

Both the rebound and the compression damping of Adjust spring preload with the telescopic forks can handwheel 1. The stiffer the damping, the greater the compensating movement of the forks is damped when riding on rough. Adjusting rebound on 4 telescopic forks Make sure ground is level 38 and firm and park the motorcycle.

To increase damping, turn To increase damping, turn adjusting screw in + direcadjusting screw in + direction with a screwdriver. Incorrect tire pressures dling will suffer if you do result in poorer handling not match the spring-preload of the motorcycle and can and damping-characteristic lead to accidents. Adjust the damping characteristic to suit the spring At high road speeds, tire preload.

Manual Cover
2006.5 BMW Motorrad G 650 Xmoto (USA) Owner's Manual Image

Year 2006.5
Make BMW Motorrad
Model G 650 Xmoto (USA)
Language English
Pages 132
Filetype PDF (Download)
File size 1 MB

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