2011.5 BMW K 1300 S (USA) — Owner's Manual

Posted on 22 Sep, 2015
Model: 2011.5 BMW K 1300 S (USA)
Pages: 166

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Manual Description
In addition, it contains information on maintenance and care to help you maintain your motorcycle's reliability and safety, as well as its value. We hope you will appreciate that no claims can be entertained on the basis of the data, illustrations or descriptions in this manual. Multifunction display 3 1 The horizontal bars indi24 cate the remaining fuel level.

The "Service" message 3 shown differently dependis displayed continuously. If the service display 26 Service display appears more than a month before the service date, the stored date must be adjusted in the instrument cluster. This situation can occur if the battery has been disconnected for a If the motorcycle covers high anlonger time.

If the time remaining until the to within 621 miles (1000 km), z Status indicators next service will elapse within the remaining miles (kilomeone month, the service date 1 ters) 2 are counted down in 62appears briefly following the premile (100 km) increments and ride check. In this example the briefly displayed following the display means "March, 2012. When a service date elapses without service, the universal warning lamp lights up in yellow, appearing together with the date and milage (kilometer).

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