2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #104

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
Pages: 213
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Adjusting the mirrors
Move mirrors into desired position by ro-
tating them.
If the adjustment range of the mirror is
insufficient for correct alignment, the
position of the mirror arm must be adapted.
Adjusting the mirror arm
Loosen nut 1 with tool from on-board
Turn mirror arm 2 into desired position.
Tighten nut 1 while holding mirror arm 2
Mirror on handlebar fitting
9 lb/ft (12 Nm)
Headlight range and spring preload
The headlight range generally remains
constant due to the adjustment of the
spring preload to the load status using
Dynamic ESA.
However, in the case of very high payloads,
this might not be adequate, and the head-
light range must be adapted to the weight.
If there are doubts as to the correct
headlight range, have the adjustment
checked by a specialized workshop, prefer-
ably by an authorized BMW Motorrad re-
Adjusting the headlight range
If the payload is high and the automatic
spring preload adjustment by means of
Dynamic ESA is no longer sufficient to avoid
dazzling oncoming traffic:
Adjust the headlight range at the adjust-
ment screw 1.
If the motorcycle is ridden again with lower
Have the headlight base setting restored
by a specialist workshop, preferably an au-
thorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

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