2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #110

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
Pages: 213
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Rider's equipment
Do not ride without the correct clothing! Al-
ways wear:
Rider's suit
This applies even to short journeys, and to
every season of the year. Your authorized
BMW Motorrad retailer will be happy to ad-
vise you and has the correct clothing for ev-
ery purpose.
Seizure of loose textile fabrics, luggage
items or straps in open running rotating
vehicle parts (wheels, prop shaft)
Risk of accident
Make sure that no loosely worn textile
fabrics can get caught in open, running
and rotating vehicle parts.
Keep luggage items as well as tension
belts and lashing straps away from
open, running and rotating vehicle parts.
Reduced riding stability caused by over-
loading and uneven loading
Accident hazard
Do not exceed the gross weight limit
and observe the loading information.
Adapt the tire pressure to the gross vehi-
cle weight.
Ensure that case volumes on left and right
are equal.
Make sure that weight is uniformly dis-
tributed between right and left.
Pack heavy luggage items and cargo as
low and as close to the center of the mo-
torcycle as possible.
Observe the maximum payload and maxi-
mum speed; see also the Chapter "Opera-
tion" ( 65).
If you ride at high speed, always bear in
mind that various boundary conditions can
adversely affect the handling of your motor-
cycle, e.g.:
Unevenly distributed load
Loose clothing
Insufficient tire pressure
Tire tread in poor condition
Maximum speed with winter tires
Maximum speed of the motorcycle is
higher than the permissible maximum
rated speed of the tires.
Risk of accident due to tire damage at
high speed.
Observe the maximum permissible
speed for the tyres.
With winter tires, the maximum permissible
speed for the tires must be observed.
Attach a sticker specifying the maximum
permissible speed in the field of view of the
instrument cluster.
Risk of poisoning
Exhaust gas contains carbon monoxide,
which is colorless and odorless but highly
Harmful exhaust gas
Danger of suffocation
Do not inhale exhaust fumes.
Do not run the engine in closed rooms.
Inhalation of vapors that are harmful to
Damage to health
Do not inhale vapors from operating flu-
ids and plastics.
Only use the vehicle outdoors.

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