2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #118

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
Pages: 213
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routed, for example, by using adhesive
tape or soft cloths.
Motorcycle tips to the side when raising
Component damage cause by tipping over
Secure the motorcycle against tipping to
the side, preferably with the assistance
of a second person.
Push the motorcycle onto the transport
surface, and do not prop it on its side
Secure the motorcycle from tipping with
support from a second person.
Pinching of components
Component damage
Do not pinch components, e.g. brake
lines or wiring harnesses.
Guide the tensioning belt over the steering
head and tension it down.
Removing the seat ( 66).
Fasten luggage straps crosswise at the
rear of the frame and tension it.
Tighten all tensioning belts evenly.
The vehicle is lashed down securely (sus-
pension is compressed).
Installing the seat ( 67).

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