2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #12

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
Pages: 213
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These locations may be:
The vehicle manufacturer
Qualified service partners
Specialist workshops
Service providers
Vehicle users may request information about
the type of personal data that is stored, the
purpose for which the data will be used and
the source of the data. This information can
only be obtained by a registered owner or a
person with written proof authorizing use of
the vehicle.
The right to information also includes infor-
mation related to data transmitted to other
companies or locations.
The vehicle manufacturer's website contains
the appropriate privacy policy notices. The
privacy policy notices contain information on
the right to delete or correct data. The ve-
hicle manufacturer also provides the manu-
facturer contact information and the contact
information of the data security officer on
the Internet.
The vehicle owner can have a
BMW Motorrad retailer or other qualified
service partner or specialist workshop read
out the data stored in the vehicle for a fee if
The vehicle data is read out via the vehicle's
legally mandated diagnostic socket.
Legal requirements for the disclosure of
The vehicle manufacture is required by the
law applicable in this context to provide au-
thorities with the data stored by the man-
ufacturer. The provision of this data within
the scope required is on a case-by-case ba-
sis, for instance to clarify a criminal offense.
Government agencies are authorized by the
law applicable in this context to read out the
data from the vehicle themselves in individ-
ual cases.
Operating data in the vehicle
Control units process data so that the vehi-
cle can run.
Examples of this include:
Status messages from the vehicle and
its individual components, such as wheel
RPM, wheel centrifugal velocity and decel-
Ambient conditions, such as temperature
The data is processed only in the vehicle it-
self and is usually temporary. The data is not
stored beyond the period in which the vehi-
cle is operating.
Electronic components such as control units
contain components for storing technical in-
formation. This may be information about
the vehicle's condition, component load,
events or faults stored temporarily or per-
This information generally documents the
condition of a component, module, system
or the surrounding area; for example:
Operating conditions of system compo-
nents, such as fill levels and tire pressure
Malfunctions and faults in key system
components, such as lights and brakes
Vehicle responses in specific riding situa-
tions, such as the activation of riding dy-
namics systems
Information about events causing damage
to the vehicle
The data is necessary for providing control
unit functions. In addition, it is used by the
vehicle manufacturer to detect and eliminate
malfunctions as well as to optimize vehicle
The majority of this data is temporary and
is processed only within the vehicle itself.
Only a small amount of event-driven data is
stored in the event data recorder and fault
When a vehicle is serviced, such as for re-
pairs, servicing processes, warranty cases
and quality assurance measures, this tech-
nical information can be read out from the
vehicle together with the vehicle identifica-
tion number.
The information can be read out by a
BMW Motorrad retailer or other qualified
service partner or specialist workshop. The

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