2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #127

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
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maximum accelerations in ACC mode will
not be reached.
Environmental influences: The range of
vision of the radar sensor can be reduced
by environmental influences. Heavy rain,
snow and thick fog reduce the range of
vision, sometimes significantly.
Interfering reflections: Strong reflections,
e.g. when entering tunnels or in case of
tall guardrails, can make object detection
Influence on the ACC performance
with Active Cruise Control
The rider can support the performance of
ACC through the following behavior:
Steady riding style.
Drive as close to the center of the lane as
possible behind the vehicle in front.
Clearly change lanes during passing ma-
neuvers to support the deselection of the
vehicle in front.
Return to the lane behind vehicles in front
as soon as possible to provide time for
object selection.
Riding position compensation
The automatic vehicle load compensation
automatically adapts the spring setting to
the vehicle load.
When the motorcycle is started and while
it is being ridden, the system monitors the
spring compression of the rear wheel and
corrects the spring setting to ensure that the
correct riding position is set.
The automatic vehicle load compensation
calibrates itself at regular intervals to ensure
that the system is operating correctly.
Dynamic Brake Control function
The Dynamic Brake Control function helps
the rider in the event of emergency braking.
Detection of emergency braking
Emergency braking is detected when the
front wheel brake is applied quickly and
with force.
Behavior during emergency braking
If emergency braking is applied at a speed
of more than min 6 mph (min 10 km/h), in
addition to the ABS function, the Dynamic
Brake Control function will also be acti-
In the event of partial braking with high
brake pressure gradients, Dynamic Brake
Control will increase the integral brake
pressure on the rear wheel. This shortens
the braking distance, enabling controlled
Behavior in the event of accidental
activation of the throttle grip
If the throttle grip is accidentally actuated
during emergency braking (throttle grip
position >5%), the intended braking effect
is ensured by the Dynamic Brake Control
ignoring the opening process of the throt-
tle grip. This ensures the effectiveness of
emergency braking.
If the gas is shut off (throttle position
<5%) during the intervention of the
Dynamic Brake Control, the engine torque
required by the ABS brake system will be
If the emergency braking is stopped and
the throttle grip is still under actuation, the
Dynamic Brake Control will reduce the en-
gine torque as required by the rider in a
controlled manner.

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