2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #141

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
Pages: 213
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Mask off areas of the wheel rim that could
get scratched in the process of removing
the brake calipers.
Carefully pull the brake calipers back and
outward to remove them from the brake
Loosen screw 1 but do not remove.
Slightly press the quick-release axle with
the screw 1 for a better grip on the right
Remove screw 1.
Pull out the quick-release axle 1 while sup-
porting the front wheel.
Improper removal of the front wheel
Damage to the wheel speed sensor
When rolling out the front wheel, pay
attention to the wheel speed sensor.
Place front wheel down and roll it forward
out of the front suspension.
Remove the spacer bushing 1 from the
wheel hub.
Installing the front wheel
Use of a wheel which does not comply
with series specifications
Malfunctions during control interventions
by ABS and ASC
Please see the information on the ef-
fect of wheel sizes on the ABS and ASC
chassis control systems at the beginning
of this chapter.
Tightening of screwed connections with
incorrect tightening torque
Damage or loosening of screwed connec-
Always have the tightening torques
checked by a specialized workshop,
preferably an authorized BMW Motorrad

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