2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental — Owner's Manual – Page #159

Posted on 26 Apr, 2022
Model: 2022 BMW Motorrad R 18 Transcontinental
Pages: 213
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Windshields and wind deflectors
Headlight diffusers made of plastic
Glass cover of the instrument cluster
Black, unpainted parts
Soften stubborn dirt and dead insects
by covering the affected areas with a
wet cloth.
TFT display
Clean the TFT display with warm water and
detergent. Then dry with a clean cloth, e.g. a
paper towel.
Carefully clean chrome parts with plenty of
water and BMW Motorrad Care Products
motorcycle cleaner. This is required in par-
ticular for removing road salt.
Use BMW Motorrad metal polish for addi-
tional treatment.
Clean the radiator regularly to prevent over-
heating of the engine due to inadequate
For example, use a garden hose with low
water pressure.
Bending of radiator fins
Damage to radiator fins
When cleaning, ensure that the cooler
fins are not bent.
Treat rubber components with water or
BMW rubber care product.
Use of silicone sprays for care of rubber
Damage to rubber seals
Do not use silicone sprays or care prod-
ucts that contain silicone.
Radar sensor
with Active Cruise Control
Clean radar sensor 1 with a cloth moistened
with glass cleaner.
Washing the motorcycle regularly will help
counteract the long-term effects of sub-
stances that damage the paint, especially if
your motorcycle is ridden in areas with high
air pollution or natural sources of dirt, such
as tree resin or pollen.
However, remove particularly aggressive
substances immediately; otherwise
changes in the paint or discoloration
may occur. These include spilled fuel, oil,
grease and brake fluid as well as bird
droppings. It is recommended to use
BMW Motorrad solvent cleaner and then
apply BMW Motorrad high gloss polish to
preserve the paint.
Contaminants on the paint surface are par-
ticularly easy to see after washing the vehi-
cle. Remove this type of didrt immediately
with cleaning benzene or ethyl alcohol on a
clean cloth or cotton ball. BMW Motorrad
recommends removing tar stains with BMW
tar remover. Then add a protective wax
coating to the paint at these locations.

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